Our Story

Tradition, quality, trust and foresight.

These are some of the key words of the historic company ICAB SpA. A production of canned food that has been going on for more than 50 years, aiming at constant production improvement, without ever neglecting its history and the relationship of trust with the consumer.
The memory of the La Fiammante company dates back to the 1950s, but it was in the late 1970s that the brand was taken over by the Franzese family in order to recover and revive the most authentic Campanian tradition, home of the Mediterranean diet and cradle of the Italian canning industry.
Because of the company's growth and the sudden evolution of the Neapolitan suburbs, the processing plant was moved to Buccino, in the province of Salerno, on the outskirts of Cilento, an area more compatible with the goals of quality-conscious agribusiness and environmental sustainability, as well as the capital of the Mediterranean diet and tomatoes.
ICAB-Industria Conserve Alimentari Buccino boasts historic brands such as La Fiammante, its flagship brand, La Paesana (or F.lli PAUDICE) and La Reale, representative of the canning history of Made in Italy in the South.

A product of excellence

ICAB is engaged in the production, processing and marketing of canned food. We have 50 years of experience behind us and a unique innovative attitude, recognized by national and international certifying bodies. The plant is located in Campania, the cradle of the Italian canning industry, in an area of over 100,000 m2 in Buccino.

The products sold are:

Organic peeled
Peeled with basil
S.Marzano Peeled Tomato
Organic pulp

Puree with basil
Organic Puree
Rustic Puree
Organic Rustic Puree
Very fine pulp Pà pizza"

Tomato fillets
Yellow date
Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes in pats
Piennolo tomatoes

Roasted peppers

ICAB has a presence in Italy and more than 40 countries around the world including:

  • Europe and non-EU areas: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia
  • Africa: Algeria, Angola, Congo, Egypt, Nigeria, Mauritius
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • Asia: South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, Thailand
  • North America: Canada and the United States
  • Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Panama
  • South America: Brazil, Colombia

In order to meet the demands of the small and medium trade, La Fiammante has equipped itself with a 9,000 m2 platform from which dozens of supply trucks depart daily. In this way, the company is able to make deliveries very quickly, thanks to its established partnership with operators specializing in small, medium and large transports. The distribution policy and efficiency are guaranteed both in Italy and abroad, where deliveries are assured within a maximum of six days from the order.

Ethics and Integrity - Our Business Model

ICAB has already been forging direct agreements with farmers for some time now and recognizing fair compensation for farmer toil: a short supply chain based on authentic relationships.

Since 2011, the role of commercial brokers has been eliminated, building an innovative supply chain model against all labor exploitation. Today we network with producers in Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Abruzzo, Tuscany and Molise.

The fair price of tomatoes is agreed well in advance of the campaign, with advances of 20% to support planting and crop management investments.

A pact for quality and for the protection of labor in the fields, enshrined in strict production specifications that promote good practices, such as the use of machines during harvesting to effectively combat the scourge of caporalato.


The governance of ICAB SpA is based on traditional model and consists of three bodies:

  • A Board of Directors, which is entrusted with the management of the Society. It consists of three members, the Chairman of the BoD, to whom many activities are delegated, and two directors. Legal representation of the Society is entrusted to the Chairman of the BoD.
  • The Members' Assembly is the body in which the will of the members is formed and expressed, the implementation of which is entrusted to the BoD. The Assembly consists of three members, meets once a year to approve the financial budget in addition to as often as it deems necessary following extraordinary events, such as changes in the bylaws, etc.
  • The Board of Statutory Auditors is a supervisory body, which is entrusted with control activities pursuant to Article 2409 of the Civil Code and Legislative Decree 39/2010. The Board of Statutory Auditors consists of five members: a Chairman, two acting auditors and two alternate auditors, who are elected by the Shareholders' Meeting.

Members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors are appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting every three years. The members of the Board of Directors are members of the Franzese family, including direct partners Francesco Franzese and Antonio Franzese, and Gelsomina Franzese, who indirectly holds a stake in ICAB through her shareholding in the company Multifin Srl. Francesco Franzese is also chairman of the board and a shareholder of ICAB SpA with a 33.33% stake. Business decisions are made directly by the latter, who has no other positions: therefore, there is no conflict of interest.

Remuneration is determined and approved by the Shareholders' Meeting and is in a fixed and invariable amount and varies according to the work contribution and role that Board members have within the Company.

Review and approval of the information reported in the area of social responsibility is the responsibility of the CEO through critical reading and analysis of the Sustainability Report.